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Vote for Tâmega is a campaign promoted by the environmental association GEOTA, within Rios Livres project. It intends to raise awareness about the negative effects of dams near the candidates running for Mayor in the Local Elections of October 2017. For several days we worked to bring consciousness to the local authorities to sign a Declaration to Save Tâmega’s River: a document that defends a clean river and without new dams.


Tâmega is the most threatened river in Portugal.
The Spanish energy company Iberdrola recently started building three new dams: Daivões, Gouvães e Alto Tâmega. Fridão Dam is to be built and explored by portuguese electric company EDP but right now it is suspended until 2019.

We launched Vote for Tamâga Campaign with the main goal of definitely stop Fridão’s dam construction. We also want to raise awareness about the destruction that will take place if they proceed with the work.

The GEOTA – Group for the Territorial Planning and Environment Studies, a non-profit and national environmental organization. Since 2011 they started Rios Livres, a project aiming to preserve wild rivers in Portugal. We want to be close to those who directly or indirectly, are affected by this kind of constructions. We help them by informing and clarifying all questions and doubts.

Tâmega River is a landmark in the North of Portugal. It joins populations from Chaves to Amarante, crossing Terras de Basto, Marão and Alvão mountains, linking Trás-os-Montes and Minho to the Douro Coast area. At this moment it is threatened by the construction of new large dams – Fridão, Daivões, Gouvães and Alto Tâmega.

One of the largest free watercourses in the country will be doomed into stagnant and artificial lakes. The country will gain an output increase of 1.2% of electrical energy, but what are the benefits for the region? More fog. Complete destruction of the riverside ecosystem. Degradation of water quality and so on.

In short, an important natural resource will be destroyed: a free river. Something very rare in our country, and therefore, increasingly valuable.

Amarante in Danger

8 km  is the distance between Fridão Dam and the city of Amarante.

– 13 minutes  it’s how long it takes for the flood wave to arrive in Amarante, if there’s an accident at Fridão Dam.

– 14 meters above the São Gonçalo bridge is the height the water will reach in case of an accident at the Fridão Dam.

Watch the video and discover the whole truth behing Tâmega Dams:



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